Our Vision

At Bodriggy Academy, we strive to provide a happy, caring environment where all children can be successful. Our academy is a place where children are encouraged to be the best that they can be. Children are at the heart of every decision that we make.

At Bodriggy Academy, we value individuals and, through a creative curriculum, we endeavour to ignite curiosity in every child. We develop in our children a sense of pride in their learning and their school and the desire to become learners for life.

Dare to believe.

Dare to be brilliant.

Dare to belong.

Dare to be you.


Our Values and Ethos

The is no more important an objective for our school than to help our children discover who they are and how to lead happy and decent lives.
Bodriggy Academy is a very relaxed and happy school where children's attitude and behaviour are outstanding.
We know, care for and support every child.
Opportunities are exciting, enjoyable, broad and varied with something for every child to succeed at.
Academic success is highly valued, as is effort and achievement in all spheres.
Every day, every child and every adult strive to do their personal best.