SEN Resources for families who have a child with special educational needs


COVID-19 Resources


Cornwall Council SEN Help Page – lots of helpful information and resources


COVID-19 Stay at Home Superheroes video. A really nice video made by another school that explains the current situation in a simple, positive way and encourages children to see themselves as superheroes.


Social stories



COVID-19 explained through a Social Story 1 pdf 

COVID-19 explained through a Social Story 2 pdf


'School is closed' ~ Social Story


Tips and advice on coping for parents




COVID-19 Tips for parenting from UNICEF –from keeping it positive to managing challenging behaviour


COVID-19 Advice for parents from the National Autistic Society


COVID-19 advice for recognizing symptoms in children with sensory processing difficulties


COVID-19 hand washing tips for children with sensory processing difficulties


Teaching and Learning Resources


Ideas to help ALL children who may have reading and/or spelling difficulties


Free text to speech online tool – just copy and paste text from a web page, or even a whole document, in to the box and it will read it for you! You can even rewind and fast forward!


Speech and Language Tips and Resources for parents from the communication charity ICAN



Activities for improving Motor Skills ~ with three levels of challenge.





Gross motor skills (balance and body awareness) feed in to the development of Fine Motor Skills. Fine Motor Skills (clever hands) feed in to the development of writing skills. Don’t move on to the next level until all skills in the previous level are secure!


Fizzy Balance Activities pdf

Fizzy Body Awareness Activities pdf

Fizzy Ball Skills Activities pdf

Fizzy Clever Hands Activities pdf


A website to help with social interaction skills and behaviours


Resources to help with identifying and naming emotions


Interactive game to recognise emotions in the faces of others




The school's SEN School Information Report may be found here.

This school offer is applicable for all pupils from Nursery to Year 6 inclusive.



Family Information Service

This Family Information Service also site offers information, advice and support available to families in Cornwall and the professionals working alongside them. To access, please click on the linked image.









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